While it’s true that every bride is distinctive in their own way, there’s one sure-fire way to show that you’re more on the avant-garde side and that’s by choosing a non-traditional wedding dress. While traditional bridal gowns are elegant and beautiful, there’s just something special and pleasantly surprising about seeing a bride walk down the aisle in something a little left of center.

Here are the top trends in unique wedding dresses this year for the unconventional, out-of-the-box bride:

1 | Gray Dresses
Gray dresses are so on-trend this year for the modern bride. From deep, dramatic charcoal gray to light, dusty silver, whichever shade you choose is sure to wow. Gray shades are especially fitting for a dramatic fall or winter wedding and pair beautifully with other more traditional wedding hues.

2 | Rose Dresses
Rose-colored dresses are simply stunning for outdoor spring weddings. A rose-colored dress looks lovely on all skin types and lends itself to an ethereal, fairy-tale wedding perfectly. Pair this color of dress with lots of springtime greenery in your bouquet for a wedding fit for a princess.

3 | Jumpsuits
Not every woman dreams of walking down the aisle in an actual wedding dress. Channel your inner show-stopper with a super chic jumpsuit. Sleek or caped, flowy or form-fitting, a jumpsuit tells the world that you’re a confident bride who’s not afraid to break the rules. Jumpsuits work year-round and look effortlessly cool no matter what style you go with.

4 | Two-Piece Wedding Dresses
Nothing stands out and makes an impression better than a uniquely cut gown, and one of the best ways to achieve that is by going with a two-piece wedding dress for your big day. Playing with different textures (i.e. pairing a lace top with a tulle skirt) or colors (i.e. pairing a champagne skirt with a white top) makes for a visually stimulating dress that’s modern, elegant, and completely unique to you. These types of dresses work especially well for any season because they are so customizable for whatever the bride has in mind for her wedding.

5 | Sequin Dresses
Nothing says “all eyes on me” like a shiny sequin dress. Beautiful in blush, gold, silver, or white, sequins are still a go-to for glam this year. Sequins are dazzling year-round but are especially appropriate in colder months as they provide much-needed glitz to drab winter weather.

Pair these dresses with faux-fur shawl for throwback glam that is as timeless as your love for your new husband. Your individuality is one of the reasons your partner fell in love with you, so it’s only fitting to let your one-of-a-kind vibe shine through your choice of wedding attire. La Mariee Bridal is proud to offer a variety of exclusive, on-trend dresses, and we’re confident we can help you find a dress that’s perfectly you for your special day. To schedule your appointment with us, simply visit our website or call us at (256) 836-7227 for personalized, friendly expertise only available at La Mariee Bridal Salon.