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Modern Wedding Dress Trends for The Avant-Garde Bride

While it’s true that every bride is distinctive in their own way, there’s one sure-fire way to show that you’re more on the avant-garde side and that’s by choosing a non-traditional wedding dress. While traditional bridal gowns are elegant and beautiful, there’s just...

Cold-Weather Tips For A Warm Wedding In Winter

A Winter wedding is nothing short of magical. The trees are bare of their leaves, the snow is falling in many places, and there are plenty of opportunities to snag some stunning wintry wedding photos of you and your husband on your big day. The only problem: It’s cold...

5 Must-Know Tips for the Bride on a Budget​

You hear of it all the time- “Well, I heard their wedding cost over $50,000” and, “Did you know her parents had to take a second mortgage on their house to help pay for that wedding?!” It’s crazy how out of hand spending on one day can get. And while that one day is...

Wedding Touches That Will Wow Every Guest

While every wedding is special, there are some nuptials that simply dazzle. Any one who has ever been a wedding guest can recall their favorite, and the memorable factor is usually related to a truly unique gesture designed to make the happiest day happy for all...

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