If you’re a newly engaged woman, you know how stressful the planning can be. The hustle and bustle leading up to the big day and all the little details can add up to create one massive headache that threatens to overshadow the bliss you envisioned feeling. However, you don’t have to sweat the planning—we’ve got a few suggestions to help you strategize seamlessly.

Here are three tips you’ll be thankful to know for a well-planned wedding:

1 | Create a Vision Board on Pinterest
You might be thinking this one is a waste of time since you’ve had a vision for your wedding since you were a little girl playing dress up, but making a Pinterest vision board can be super beneficial to the planning process. We love a Pinterest board because you can share it with the people you’re collaborating with (your mom, MOH, and even your soon-to-be MIL if you feel so inclined) to make your dream wedding concept a reality. Key people to share this vision board with are your bridesmaids, so they can get an idea of what dresses you’d like them to wear; your photographer, for important poses you know you want to have taken; your caterer, for the menu or setup you want at the reception; and your florist, for the flower arrangements. A Pinterest vision board is the best way to share your thoughts in a concrete way with the people who are making your wedding happen, so be sure to create one as soon as you set a date so that others can help you make your big day just the way you’ve always envisioned!

2 | Create Your Guest List Early
You know you want your family to be there, but what does that mean to you exactly? Does that mean just your immediate family, or does that mean seconds cousins and great aunts? And what about your friends? Are you inviting friends from high school or only friends you hang out with on a regular basis? Are plus ones allowed? What about children? As you can see from these questions, choosing a guest list is a thought-provoking process that can take weeks to nail down concretely, and it’s a process you and your fiancé will have to do together. What list you ultimately decide on will depend greatly on your venue and budget, so start early (at least six months out) so that you have time to make cuts and mail out invitations in plenty of time before you walk down the aisle.

3 | Use Vendors You’re Familiar With
Your vendors should be people and businesses you are already familiar with and have used before. It’s ill-advised to pick a florist you’ve never bought a simple bouquet from or a photographer who’s work you’ve never even seen before, for instance. If you must use a vendor you don’t know yourself, it’s a good idea to ask your most trusted friends and close family members for recommendations, and then meet up personally with those vendors to ensure they’re a good fit for you and your fiancé. It’s vital that both you and your future husband are comfortable with your chosen vendors so that you can freely communicate with them regarding any questions or feedback you have to guarantee your special shindig can go off without a hitch.

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