A Winter wedding is nothing short of magical. The trees are bare of their leaves, the snow is falling in many places, and there are plenty of opportunities to snag some stunning wintry wedding photos of you and your husband on your big day. The only problem: It’s cold outside! How are you supposed to enjoy a winter wedding without freezing like a statue before you say your vows?! Don’t worry—La Mariee Bridal Salon is here with the perfect tips and tricks to keep you warm and toasty this winter as you walk down the aisle.

Here are five bridal tips for getting married in the cold:

1 | Wear something warm
Unless you want your skin to be the “something blue” you wear down the aisle, you better have something warm to throw over your shoulders. A great way to look elegant and stay warm at the same time is by utilizing a fur wrap or cozy knitted shawl (perhaps even something made by a loved one!). You’ll not only feel beautiful, but you’ll also look beautiful and weather-appropriate for your big day!

2 | Get a Good Tent
If you have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but your wedding is taking place during a colder season, it’s important to employ a high-quality tent to protect you and your guests from the harsh winter weather. Make sure you get a tent made of a thick, durable material—and be sure to get one with side flaps. Pull the flaps down early so that everyone is protected from the wind and ask the person you are renting from if you may use space heaters inside it to keep everyone extra toasty!

3 | Serve Warm Drinks
Nothing says winter like a soul-warming mug of hot cocoa, so why not serve it at your reception for a cozy treat for your guests? If your guests are of the drinking variety, mulled cider, spiked hot cocoa, and warm wassail are excellent choices for boozy, crowd-favorite drinks! After a few of those cocktails, no one will even realize it’s blustery outside!

4 | Serve Warm, Hearty Foods at Your Reception
Most wedding menus include a salad, main course, and dessert, but if you’re hosting a wedding in the cold, you’re going to want something warm to eat. Make a steaming bowl of soup a part of your menu, or add chili or stew to the menu for a good, old-fashioned hearty meal to warm your guests’ hearts (and bodies!). And along with your traditional wedding cake, you may also want to consider serving a warm dessert like a delicious bread pudding for a finishing touch that echoes the season’s merry and bright sentiment.

5 | Get to Grooving
Nothing heats up a party faster than some high-energy music, so get the dancing started early to keep you and your guests from freezing in the chilly weather. Moving and grooving to the music is sure to make your guests feel warmed up from head to toe in no time at all!

If you’ve always dreamed of a winter wedding, you now have plenty of toasty tips to ensure a warm and wonderful wedding. Now all you need is the perfect bridal dress to complete your own personal winter wonderland! To schedule your appointment with us today, simply visit our website or call us at (256) 836-7227 for personalized and friendly care that you can only get La Mariee Bridal Salon.