You hear of it all the time- “Well, I heard their wedding cost over $50,000” and, “Did you know her parents had to take a second mortgage on their house to help pay for that wedding?!” It’s crazy how out of hand spending on one day can get. And while that one day is one of the most special days of a bride’s life, it’s definitely not the only day. If you’re a couple coming out of pocket for most of the expenses of your wedding, then you know how important budgeting can be for your big day. That’s why La Mariee Bridal Salon has come up with the 5 best tips for brides on a budget to help you have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank.

1 | Go with digital invites
While you want to get the word out about your wedding in style, you don’t necessarily have to to blow your money on flashy invitations that cost extra for foil in-lays or glitter. And in postage alone, paper invites can come with a hefty price tag. After all, the only purpose of wedding invites is to tell your friends and family the details and date of the wedding, so why spend a ton of money before you even get your gown on?! Keep it practical and cost-effective by sending out digital invites, then sink that money you saved into something you truly need, like your photographer or your caterer.

2 | Limit your guests
Cutting your guest list down saves money on everything—food, venue size, wedding favors—and makes you truly think about who you want to spend your big day with. After all, do you really want to be stuck playing host and hostess to casual acquaintances while making small talk all night? Or do you want to spend your special day with the people who are closest to you while dancing the night away and having a night you’ll never forget?

3 | Get creative with the decor
Flowers are lovely, but they are one of the costliest expenses you can have at your wedding. In summer, they wilt before you say your vows, and in winter, they are insanely hard to find (which means they cost way more when you do find them). Flowers are best used in springtime weddings, but even so, they rack up the bill significantly for couples just wanting to have a little color and greenery in their day. Replace the flowers with something unique, cool, and money-saving by making your own candle centerpieces or utilizing family heirloom antiques as fun touches. Even your bouquet can be made of eclectic costume jewelry or wooden flowers. Not only will you be saving some serious cash, your special day will be one-of-a-kind because you thought outside of the floral box. If you do lean toward actual florals, places like Trader Joe’s and Costco allow you to find a wealth of inexpensive blooms you can fashion into whatever you choose.

4 | Avoid wedding memento overload
The wedding industry knows that your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life, and boy, do they love to capitalize on that fact! Don’t fall for it. You don’t need special monogramed toasting glasses or a personalized pen to sign the guestbook to commemorate your special day. That kind of stuff needlessly takes up space in your new home together, and after a year, you’re probably going to end up misplacing or throwing those items out. Opt for something you know will be worthwhile to keep for years to come like a photo album filled with special pictures from your wedding.

5 | Be selective with your venue
Choose a venue that’s not charging you an arm and a leg to be the site of your union or reception, and you’ll find your overall price tag will be lowered immediately! There are plenty of community centers and spaces that provide reasonable fees for their use. Or do one better and have it in the backyard of someone that means the world to you. Backyard weddings are charming, intimate, and (most importantly) free!

Weddings are about celebrating love, and no couple should start their life in loads of debt. La Mariee Bridal is proud to offer tons of dresses perfect for any bride on any budget, so be sure to check out our great selection by scheduling your appointment with us today! Simply click here or call us at (256) 836-7227 for individualized, friendly care that you can always expect from La Mariee Bridal Salon!